Why do I need a tree surgeon? Why can’t I do it myself?

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The changes are at some point you will need to call upon a skilled and well-trained tree surgeon.

There’s two main reasons why: the health of your tree and even more importantly for safety reasons.

Keeping on top of your trees can be quite a large task, particularly if your tree towers over your garden, however you will see that as trees have a fundamental impact of your garden, in the event that they look unkept and messy, then so does the rest of your garden. A professional and well-trained tree surgeon can always get the best from the trees in your garden, and they can also make an impact on your garden – whatever size.

From a security viewpoint, all tree owners are in charge of guaranteeing that their trees are in a safe and healthy condition and are not a risk to individuals or property in the vicinity.

As Brentwood’s leading team of tree surgeons, here at Prince Tree Surgery we are highly skilled in each part of tree surgery and can answer any question – enormous or little.

It is imperative that you look for the best guidance you can – the future well-being of your trees relies on upon this. Anybody can claim to have the capacity to complete tree work, however to carry out the job properly involves significantly something other than having a testament to utilise a cutting tool. Poor pruning can cause harm that will keep going for the life of the tree – and can regularly decrease its life expectancy.

Our team here at Prince Tree Surgery is fully trained and experienced. We can likewise give honest, sound advice on safe and effective pruning to maintain a healthy tree.

Tree Surgery Services

Our other services we specialise in are: crown re-shaping and reductions, crown lifting and crown thinning and cleaning. We also remove dead, dying and dangerous trees or timber. We are also highly skilled and experienced in pruning including formative pruning, coppicing and pollarding, root pruning, fruit tree pruned and hedge trimming.

If you would like to know anything else about what a tree surgeon does, then get in touch on 01277 229709. We’re here to help and advise.