At Prince Tree Surgery, we take pride in providing skilled tree surgery services. Our fully qualified professionals offer the following tree health and ecology services:

Pollarding – A pruning method that ensures trees are kept smaller than their natural growth. It is a highly effective way of controlling tree height.

Coppicing – A tree pruning method in which the tree is trimmed to ground level. This encourages the regeneration of fresh stems at the base.

Cable bracing – The linking of stems or branches to reduce the risk of branch or tree failure.

Lightning protection – The use of wire to direct lightning to the ground instead of the tree.

Wood chip mulching – Recycling wood chips to create mulch

Root protection – A designated area directly underneath the tree to protect the tree roots

Root barrier installation – Professional installation to protect the soil around the roots. 

Tree feeding – Professional trees and root nourishment

Habitat creation and preservation – Creating, protecting, enhancing and restoring habitats.

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From our site assessment right through to the end of the project, we take pride in our professionalism and customer service. Your trees are in safe hands with Prince Tree Surgery.

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Our Other Services

We offer all our clients an outstanding service from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being well organised, efficient and of working to the highest standards. The services we offer are listed below. Just click on any link below for more details. We also sell firewood and wood chip mulch, visit our online shop to order online.