Prince Tree Surgery offers quick and safe tree stump removal to homes and businesses. Tree stumps can be bulky and an unsightly nuisance.

Perhaps you are tired of having this obstruction in your garden, or it is in the way of building or planting plans. Our team will professionally remove tree stumps safely from your property and take this worry off your hands.

The stump removal services we provide are:

Stumps ground out – Tree stumps of any age, size or location, provided we have adequate access. This is carried out using a professional grinding machine.

Stumps dug out – A convenient service in situations where access to the area is limited. This involves digging down to the root of the stump and removing it.

Stumps poisoned – Chemical tree stump poisoning will kill the stump at the root and prevent further growth.

Contact Prince Tree Surgery to discuss your stump removal requirements. We will conduct a site visit to determine the best tree surgery service for you.

Contact Prince Tree Surgery to discuss your tree surgery needs.

From our site assessment right through to the end of the project, we take pride in our professionalism and customer service. Your trees are in safe hands with Prince Tree Surgery.

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Our Other Services

We offer all our clients an outstanding service from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being well organised, efficient and of working to the highest standards. The services we offer are listed below. Just click on any link below for more details. We also sell firewood and wood chip mulch, visit our online shop to order online.