How Long Do I Have To Wait Before You Come Out To Me?

Prince Tree Surgery has been in business for almost a decade and over that time we’ve developed an efficient booking system to ensure our customers are waiting no longer than necessary for our services. There are, of course, occasions when tree surgery work involves unavoidable delays such as when consent is required by a council, if a Tree Preservation Order is being applied for or road closures and traffic enforcement is needed. Nature can also bring additional problems and work may have to be postponed due to nesting season.

Prince Tree Surgery will handle all such issues on behalf of the customer as part of the service. Customers will be kept up-to-date with likely timescales and any issues arising out of these discussions.

Once a customer accepts a quotation, they will be automatically transferred to a short waiting list to allow us to organise a suitable date for the work to be completed. This date might not be immediately clear if there are practical or administrative issues to deal with like those previously mentioned.

When a work date is agreed, one of our highly skilled teams will arrive at the site at the pre-arranged time and will take some time to explain and discuss the work set to take place before getting to work. Throughout the job, our tree surgeons will keep the customer updated on their progress so they know what to expect.

Tree surgery carries significant risks and health and safety is our top priority. All of our tree surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in using the equipment and tools required for their work. We will take necessary care to protect people and property while working at your home or commercial premises and customers can be reassured we hold the necessary £5m liability insurance in the unlikely event something goes wrong.