How Do I Contact You?

Tree surgeons are often needed at short notice to tackle emergency situations including fallen trees. We understand the anxiety such an event may cause and aim to minimise any delay in providing help. This is why we employ an administrative team, alongside our qualified tree surgeons, so that we are always available to answer your call when you need us.

When you initially call us, our administrative staff will take as many details as possible about your issue or service needs before loading them on to our customer database. This automatically reserves an appointment for a site visit and a quotation from Matt. Matt receives all bookings via his IPad to maximise the time he can spend out and about, carrying out site visits and quotations. During the site visit, Matt will be able to assess the work required before providing a detailed, written quotation.

We also offer a contact response service on our website if you prefer to get in touch via email. This service is continually monitored by our administrative team and will be responded to as soon as possible to confirm a site visit. The email contact service is particularly useful for people who aren’t sure whether or not they require the services of a tree surgeon or for those who have lots of questions about their issue and initially require advice.

There are many reasons why homeowners and businesses require the services of a tree surgeon. It could be that they’re unsure whether or not a tree is dangerous and are worried about their potential liabilities if it was to come down and injure people or damage property. Lots of domestic and business customers use our services for site clearance and tree planting or for applying for Tree Preservation Orders. If you have a tree problem and are unsure whether or not you need professional assistance, we would be happy to provide advice. Call us on 01277 229709 or email us here.