Who should take responsibility if a tree falls on my property or vehicle?

When gusts start reaching in excess of 40mph, even though it’s unlikely that any trees will topple over, but branches may fall and old, diseased trees could potentially pose a threat. So what if a tree was to topple into your property? Alternatively, what if it was to fall into your neighbour’s property? Who would […]

Which trees should you plant in your garden

You may be lucky enough to have moved into a house with plenty of mature, healthy trees in the garden. But if you are considering planting a new tree, what tree should you choose and why? Go native The UK has many stunning native trees; trees that have grown here for thousands of years. So […]

Why do I need a tree surgeon? Why can’t I do it myself?

The changes are at some point you will need to call upon a skilled and well-trained tree surgeon. There’s two main reasons why: the health of your tree and even more importantly for safety reasons. Keeping on top of your trees can be quite a large task, particularly if your tree towers over your garden, […]

How simple is to cut down a tree on my own land?

Since Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) have been in place there appears to be some confusion as to whether you can cut down a tree which is on your property. The truth is you are allowed to prune or have a tree cut down within your boundaries, whether it is healthy or not, as long as […]

Prince Tree Surgery is an environmentally conscious company

As Brentwood’s leading tree specialists, we are certainly forward thinking when it comes to being environmentally conscious, we take our role very seriously to help reduce the carbon emission. We clearly have a vast amount of green waste which is due to the nature of our work, ie timber which is the main reason recycling […]

Trees in high winds – know the risks

The past few days have seen the UK hit by thunderstorms, heavy downpours and gale force winds. Parts of the country saw more than a third of August’s average rainfall in just one night, and gusts of wind reaching 60mph. Festivals and events were cancelled, motorists were advised not to travel unless necessary and Whaley […]